Why a House Wash is a Necessity

Whether you’re preparing your property for sale or just want it looking its best, a house wash Auckland is a must. Regular house washing protects and extends the life of your paintwork, weatherboards and bricks.

A typical house wash includes removing all cobwebs, cleaning windows and doors (using soft chemical) and washing cladding, barge boards, eaves and gable ends.

Window Cleaning

Whether you are preparing your home for sale or repainting, or simply want to make it sparkle, a professional house wash will not only restore your property to its former glory but also extend the life of any paint work, bricks or weatherboards. Clean windows also help to give the best possible impression of your home.

Our pure water cleaning method makes your windows crystal clear, so they look almost like they are open. We can even offer regular exterior window cleaning at competitive rates.

Tip: When washing your home, remember to leave the windows until last after all of the chemical solution and dirt has been removed from the rest of the wall. This way they can be double checked for any streaks and wiped down again. Don’t forget to check in nooks and crannies like behind barge boards, under weatherboards and around the sides of window frames.

We can also provide gutter cleaning, moss removal and paint restoration services in the North Shore and Auckland area. Call us today for a free no obligation quote.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are blocked you’ll soon find yourself with water streaming down your walls, windows and door frames. Gutter cleaning services are available to clear blocked gutters and help prevent damage to your paint, brick or weather boarding.

A standard gutter clean includes removing cobwebs, soft washing internal surfaces of guttering and down pipes, flushing gutter downpipes and a gutter flow test. This service is recommended every 12-24 months.

Our gutter cleaners have years of experience in the industry and can offer a professional, reliable and comprehensive service. They are trained in the use of soft wash, which will protect your home and extend the life of your exterior paint and surface materials. We also offer moss and mould removal on the North Shore and Auckland wide. Unlike many “Cowboy” exterior cleaners who cut corners with cleaning processes and lack formal qualifications, health and safety and insurance backing, we are a family owned business who pride ourselves on delivering excellent results.

Mould Removal

Moulds, moss and lichen are the most common causes of exterior surface damage to house, business or commercial buildings. Soft washing the cladding, decks, paths, concrete and fences does remove the unsightly appearance but will not kill the spores to prevent re-growth. Mould spores are airborne and when inhaled can cause health problems such as allergic reactions, respiratory issues and asthma attacks.

A specialised moss and mould product can be applied after a soft wash, this kills the spores leaving the surfaces dry and free from re-growth. The best time of the year to apply a moss and mould treatment is Autumn and Winter or Spring, this is when the surfaces are less exposed to sunlight.

Using water blasting equipment on exterior surfaces can also double the life of your paintwork by killing the oxidisation and slowing the deterioration process. This allows for the use of a longer lasting oil base based primer and topcoat.

Paint Restoration

Whether your home is in need of a full repaint or just a touch-up, our paint restoration service can help. With a high-powered water blaster or a soft wash system we can clean and restore all types of weatherboards, cladding, brick and painted surfaces.

A dirty exterior can not only make a bad impression on visitors, but can also damage your property and lead to costly repair bills. Regular cleaning by House wash Auckland helps to extend the life of your weatherboards, paintwork, and brickwork.

Getting the exterior of your home regularly washed is highly recommended every 1-2 years to avoid mould, moss and lichen growth which destroys the paintwork. It can also protect the integrity of the bricks and weatherboards and stop the onset of rot and corrosion. Our services are perfect for preparing your home for sale, or simply making it look new again. We offer window washing and soft wash as well as specialised pressure wash and chemical building washing throughout the North Shore, Auckland and surrounding areas.

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