Buying Sex Dolls Online

Some vendors also offer the ability to construct a custom head from reference photographs. This is a much more expensive option, but if you’re serious about your doll it could save you time and money in the long run.

Sex dolls aren’t just for sexual gratification, many people use them as companions and to stave off loneliness. Some people with disabilities or chronic illnesses find them particularly beneficial.


The sex doll industry is riddled with copycat vendors who sell cheap and counterfeit dolls at a fraction of the cost. They often steal product photography from legitimate doll manufacturers and then use it to lure customers into making purchases. These dolls usually look horrible and break quickly. Sex doll reviews can help buyers discern between authentic high-quality products and cheap fakes.

Many sex dolls offer significant customization options, like hair color and texture, body builder features (like breast size and shape, areola height and skin tone), and the ability to add accessories like internal heating systems that simulate human body heat. Some also offer features that increase realism, such as special paint jobs and freckles or scars on the face.

For those who want to experience the benefits of sex doll ownership without leaving the comfort of their homes, there are a number of vendors that offer customizable sex dolls that can be shipped directly to their homes. These sex dolls can be ideal for men who suffer from sexual boredom, loneliness or other forms of isolation.


A sex doll is an artificial companion for adults who want to experience sexual fantasies without having to account for the limitations of real-world partners. It can be a lifesaver for people with social phobia, disabilities or trouble connecting with other people.

Dolls are usually made from silicone or thermoplastic elastomer, both of which offer some level of realism. Options for customization include freckles, scars and more to add a personal touch. Some dolls also have internal heating systems that mimic body heat, or breathing systems to simulate airway movement.

Dolls are a controversial subject in society, with much philosophical theorizing about the potential connection between doll ownership and sexual aggression. However, few research studies have attempted to test this hypothesis empirically. A doll owner could have many different motivations and lifestyle patterns for acquiring a doll, and these factors are difficult to capture through self-report methods. Research could be enhanced by partnering with doll vendors to capture baseline data on each customer at the point of purchase and then follow up on these customers over time.


Many sex doll companies sell accessories to enhance the experience. For instance, some offer a range of pubic hair options to customize the look of their dolls. Some companies also offer a wide selection of head upgrades, including unique proportions for the cheeks, jawline, and brow. These upgrades are expensive, however.

There is a potential stigma associated with sex doll ownership, especially among single people and couples. But the truth is, sex dolls are used for more than sexual gratification. Dolls help owners form bonds with their companions and can stave off loneliness.

Some sex dolls even have deep-learning technology that helps them feel like a friend, making it easier to connect with them and talk about their feelings. They can even make jokes about their owner and laugh at their stories. They are also great for people with social phobia, sexual inexperience, or physical disabilities. They can also serve as a sexual partner for those with long-distance relationships.


Sex dolls require proper storage for their protection and safety. They can be stored hanging vertically or in a lying position. The latter option is better as it prevents unwanted pressure on the skeleton and joints. Closet hook kits are available at budget-friendly prices from most sex doll vendors.

Proper storage for sex dolls also helps prevent infection-causing elements from coming into contact with the doll’s body. Such elements include mold, bacteria, and dust. They can cause skin irritation and other health problems for the owner of the doll.

While people purchase sex dolls for a variety of reasons, some people have concerns about their use. For example, some people have spouses or significant others who do not approve of sex doll ownership. Others live with roommates and do not want to create a hostile living environment. Others simply do not have the time to clean their dolls properly. In such cases, it is best to store the dolls in a case to prevent any damage.

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