1854 – first recommendation by Beacons and Lighthouse Committee.
1868 – temporary 6th order light on beacon tower planned but light-set was destroyed by fire at Wellington.
1873 – Lighthouse commissioned. Octagonal timber tower – the first designed by Marine Engineer John Blackett. Constructed by W. Cameron with assistance from Charles Brook of Awhitu.
First Lighting:  
5.35pm 1 September 1874
September 1986
Original Tower:
6m high – designer Blackett recommended Australian Iron Bark main framing and Totara for minor framing, piles and cladding. Painted Brown, dome white. 115 m above sea level.
Tower Two:
By August 1944 decay and erosion necessitated transferal of the lantern to a new 7.6m circular concrete tower several hundred metres north of original site and higher at 132.6 m above sea level. Tower painted red, dome white.
Copper dome, brass astragals, on cast iron base supplied by Dove & Co, England. Weight approximately 2.5 tonnes.
3rd-order dioptric fixed white light, glass mirror, with Doty patent paraffin burner (first in NZ) supplied by Chance Brothers, Birmingham. Flashing every 4 seconds from 1929.
1874 – paraffin (Kerosene). 1975 litres in 1st year.
1929 – acetylene gas.
1944 – electricity.
26.5 nautical miles reduced to 18 nautical miles in 1929.